Pet hospitalisation and boarding

The facility contains a special hospitalisation wing for all animals requiring medical treatment: from pre-op day-hospital to long-term treatments and even long-term geriatric hospitalisation.

Your pet will receive the best 24 hour care and access to a comfortable and fully-equipped birthing centre, in a peaceful and welcoming setting, with constant veterinary monitoring.

We also provide a convenient home pick-up and drop-off service available in the Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì areas.

List of hospitalization and boarding services

  • Day hospital for surgical procedures

  • Hospitalisation for long-term treatment

  • Hospitalisation for birthing

  • Boarding during holidays for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rodents

  • 24 hour boarding stays

  • Geriatric long term hospitalisation

  • CCTV monitored and heated pens

  • Extensive outdoor exercise areas

  • On-leash walks

  • Home pick-up and drop -off service

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